Unto dust you shall return.


When Annie Hurshell dies peacefully in retirement home Silent Birches, there seems to be no reason for a detective with your skill set to get involved. It’s pretty obvious that Annie died of old age. Case solved? One can only dream.While cleaning out her mother’s room Sophia Panders found a mysterious urn hidden away. Sophia had no idea why the urn was there and why it seemed to be filled to the brim with ashes. So why is there an urn in the room of Annie Hurshell? And who is the unfortunate soul who ended up in it?


You won’t start this investigation empty-handed. Sophia Panders, Annie’s daughter, has told us all about her discovery of the urn in an intense interrogation. We also have the urn itself if you want to investigate this bad boy a bit better. I’ve also collected a list of residents and employees of retirement home Silent Birches, as well as the resident contract of Annie Hurshell. To top this mysterious pile off there's also a mysterious letter we found in Annie’s room. Thought this would be an easy solve, Detective? Think again.



My name is Hunter, your partner in crime. I’m a detective as well and will help you investigate, interrogate and get to the bottom of this enticing case. You’re not alone in this. When the track runs cold, I’ll help you sniff out a new lead. But enough talk. Dive into this mystery and discover what we can achieve together.